Posted on: April 15, 2010 1:13 am


Well, no suprise here. The 'Yotes have been winning like this all year. Doan was running down people like a pro-wrestler (the penalty call behind the net was ridiculous) and Bryz was playing like the league MVP. Detroit really misses a McCarty/Shanahan influence to straighten people up when necessary (misspelling excused).. Datsyuk had a little more offensive pressure than I was expecting, but his supporting cast sucks. Is Franzen really the guy to score a big goal? Maybe, but after tonight.. I'm willing take that chance. I hope Detroit isn't thinking that this was a lucky win powered by home-ice advantage.. like I said, this is how PHX wins, so you all need to come up with an answer. Oh, and as far as the Detroit fanbase in PHX, I counted maybe 2 dozen red shirts in the stands tonight.. yeah, nice turnout, how are the Pistons doing?
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